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We have more than 30 years of experience in the bird hunting field.

A Bird hunting safari with Umdende Hunting Safaris in Zululand South Africa is normally 4-6 days during our season, 31st May to 31st August. Umdende only offers 5 exclusive dates, for 4-6 guns during the season, in order to keep the high quality wild bird hunting we are known for. Clients can expect to encounter 4 species of Ducks, 2 species of Geese, 3 species of Doves, Rock Pigeons, driven Guinea fowl and Francolin.

Wild Bird Hunting

Join Umdende Hunting Safaris in Zululand or the Free State and experience an exclusive Wild Bird Hunting Safari filled with amazing shooting action, good food, luxury accommodation and above all….good fun!

  • Ducks

    Umdende Hunting Safaris’ high volume decoyed Duck shooting is done in dry blinds near water (No waders neede). Experience flight after flight of wild Yellow-billed Ducks and Red-Billed Teal coming in to roosting ponds in the early afternoon. 10-20 ducks per gun per shoot can be expected.

  • Geese

    Our Goose shooting is done in lay in or screen blinds on reaped corn fields with more than 100 decoys. The Spurwing Goose is one of the biggest in the world weighing up to 20 pounds. The hard beating sound from the wings of these huge Geese is deafening when 100 or more put their landing gear out to land amongst the decoys. Up to 10 per gun per shoot can be expected.

  • Pigeons

    Rock Pigeon’s are decoyed into the open corn field. It is not unusual to have 20 to 30 pigeons fluttering over your decoys as you take a left and a right on these beautiful terracotta and white-speckled birds. 100-250 shells can be expected per gun per shoot.

  • Doves

    Umdende Hunting Safaris hot-barrelled Dove shooting is done in sunflower and sorghum fields or a tree line or in a draw. The African Turtle Dove has been written up as being “…the most Challenging Game Bird in the World…”. It will test the most accomplished wing shooter and leave many humbled by their all-angled approach and sudden direction change. From March to end -May we offer several affordable high volume Dove Packages in the Free State, only an hour from Johannesburg airport.Clients can expect to shoot 500 to 1500 shells per day. . Please enquire about these exciting affordable packages.

  • Guinea Fowl And Francolin

    Guinea fowl and Francolin are driven over hunters with more than 20 chanting Zulu’s in a similar way to the bull horn formation tactic invented and used in battle by the infamous Shaka Zulu himself. Experience a victory dance by the Zulu beaters after your successful hunt. Hunters can expect up to 10-30 birds in a morning. Walk up shooting over pointers for Francolin and Partridge is unbeatable at our Free State concessions. For those that love to hunt with dogs, this is a must!

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  • Accommodation Options

KwaZulu-Natal Vryheid is our main bird hunting base offering 10 species of wild birds in one Safari. During 4 – 6 days of hunting, clients can expect to shoot 3 species of Ducks, 2 species of Geese, Rock Pigeons, Doves, driven Guineafowl and Francolin. The season open to all species is from 31st May to 31st August.

Free State We offer high volume Doves/Pigeons from March to June at affordable packages. Clients can expect to shoot 3 – 6 cases of ammunition per day. In May we also offer great Goose shooting mixed in with the Doves and Pigeons. Please enquire about these exciting packages. If you love hunting over dogs, between May and August this area boasts great numbers of Francolin and Partridge. It is an honour to watch these well trained, German shorthaired Pointers in action.

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