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African Tradition

After bird shooting several times over the last 20 years with Clayton’s father, Trevor, we looked forward to more of the same with Umdende – and we were not disappointed.We brought along English friends who had not experienced bird shooting in Africa before and they were very impressed and very, very happy.  We stayed all week at the Lodge, and Clayton and Garth presented us with a wide range of feathered game – duck, francolin, dove, guinea fowl (wild and driven!), geese – and all well within an hour’s drive from base. As before, the food and hospitality were first rate and the conversation around the fire pit was always stimulating. We hope we can carry on another African tradition with Clayton and all the Umdende family.

Sheila and Peder Lund

I Am Really In Africa

Up at 7am , Frost in the morning “Am I really in Africa? “, it’s our first days hunting at the magnificent hunting estate, 6000 Hectares of rolling hills ,valleys , dry river beds, vast areas of woodland and grasslands. This was Jonathan’s and my first trip to SA and first trip Shooting game.On landing we were met by our 2 PH’S who loaded our gear and a short time later we entered the enormous estate which would be our home for the next 8 days. 

The lodge is impressive, a roaring log fire outside surrounded by comfortable chairs burns 24 hours a day, and I was soon shown my large bedroom with swimming pool bath. I was unpacked within minutes and booted up we went to the firing range to check our sights and a sensible chat on safety. This was fun and got us all in a relaxed mood for dinner. None of that Michelin stuff !! Good tuck which over 8 days included curries ,steaks, Roasts, chops, greens, roast potatoes and all that makes one feel well and truly fed. Great starters and the puddings to die for.

My PH was Garth Lee , been a Pro for 12 years. Jonathan had his first kill that day a magnificent Warthog. I was in bed by 9.30 each evening as stalking these hills made us all tired and ready for an early night.

That evening we also met Clayton Comins who runs the very successful Umdende Hunting Safaris Company , Clayton employs Garth and Rudolf and the three travel the world to various game shows presenting the various hunting lodges and farms they represent throughout Africa. These guys enjoy enormous knowledge of their quarry and will organise trips in Namibia ,Botswana in fact wherever you wish to find your trophy. Each evening over dinner we would discuss our day and plan the next, these PH’s really know their business and ensure you are completely at ease. They are competitive with each other and measurement of horns and a good bit of teasing was par for the course. The next morning was to be Jonathan’s big day, Cape Buffalo had been seen and it wasn’t long before we were all loaded up. Wow it was an amazing moment when Jonathan took his Buff and I could only imagine what was going through his mind. A magnificent beast, probably 19 years old with the scars of battle on his horn bosses. We took numerous other species over the week, then guns were cleaned, lunch taken and with great sadness we bade farewell to our new friends at Umdende Hunting Safaris. They had done us proud and given us the most amazing, exciting trip of our lives, I have to say that hunting in Africa was never something I felt I had missed but now I want to return to this magnificent countryside , and I will and see our new friends again.

Umdende Hunting Safaris Warthog
Jonathan Williams

Truly Fantastic

Nkulu here. Can’t say enough good things about our trip. It was truly fantastic. Clayton does a phenomenal job as a PH, host, driver, fire maker, guinea drive manager, Dad and husband. We had great fun with him and he did a fabulous job. Bob and Roger are very, very, very happy with their trip.Here are a few photos of yours truly from the trip. That bush pig thing is really a spectacularly ridiculous stupid event. WOW!!!!! My adrenaline gets going just when I see the photo or think about it. Love u guys and I am officially recruiting Liam for Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. He would make a fantastic Fightin’ Texas Aggie like his Uncle Tim and Mark. 

Enjoyed it all. Wish I could do it every year!

Umdende Hunting Safaris Bushpig

Recommended Without Hesitation

After being the successful bidder on the Umdende Hunting Safaris donation hunt at our local SCI chapter I elected to take my oldest son Eric on his first African safari. To say that it was a success would be an understatement as he cleanly harvested 7 animals after months of practicing and preparation.  Everything was first rate from airport pickup to drop off. Camps were impeccable, food was superb and the quality of Clayton’s work as a PH were excellent (with a good word also for Johan who assisted at the end of our hunt as well as to Garth who assisted with Eric’s Kudu hunt). We plan to return next year. Recommended without hesitation.

Umdende Hunting Safaris Blesbuck
Ross and Eric Spagrud
Winnipeg Manitoba

Exceeded All Expectations

I have just finished my fourth year of hunting with Umdende. Garth and Clayton have again done a very good job of presenting fair chase game. The birds were very active for the most part. Blinds and hunts were set up to maximize the opportunities. Weather hindered one day but there is nothing that they could have done to improve this. Even with this they made changes to the plans to maximize the chances. I really like that all of the hunts are close to the lodge, very little wasted time driving.This is a family operation with Debbie and Tenneil assisting. The lodge and food exceeded all expectations. I appreciate that we were eating the game that was taken.

I am already looking forward to a return trip next year.


Great Experience

Good morning Debbie 

On behalf of everyone I’d like to thank you all for all the efforts you all put during this safari, it was great experience as expected and hopefully it won’t be the last. 

Please pass our regards to everyone.