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Collection Bird Hunting Experience

Umdende Safaris proudly offers Collection Bird Hunts for discerning Bird Collectors.

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Collection Bird Hunts

Umdende Safaris proudly offers Collection Bird Hunts for discerning Bird Collectors.  In Zululand South Africa, we exclusively offer the smallest to the largest of the world’s waterfowl – Pygmy Goose, Hottentot Teal and the colossal Spurwing Goose.  Offering 15 collectable waterfowl species, many upland species, Doves and Pigeons; mostly unique to South Africa.

Clayton and his Team are backed by years of experience in the wild bird hunting industry and therefore fully understand the care and attention to detail required to hunt and export these Collector species.

Collection Birds available to hunt


Pygmy goose

Hottentot teal

Cape teal

South African Shelduck

White-backed duck

Knob-billed duck

Cape Shoveler

Black River duck

White-faced Whistling duck

Fulvous Whistling duck

Red-eyed Pochard

Yellow-billed duck

Red-billed teal

Spur-winged goose

Egyptian goose

Upland Birds / Ground Birds

Helmeted Guineafowl

Crested Guineafowl


Coqui Francolin

Grey-winged Francolin

Crested Francolin

Shelley’s Francolin

Red-winged Francolin

Orange River Francolin

African Quail

Swainson’s Francolin

Doves & Pigeons

Rameron / Olive Pigeon

Green Pigeon

Rock Pigeon

Red-eyed dove

Cape turtle dove

Laughing dove

Namaqua dove

Emerald-spotted wood dove

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