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The parents of Clayton Comins’ (Owner and Outfitter) started their own Bird Hunting business in South Africa, many years ago, Game Bird Safaris. Trevor (Clayton’s Dad) spent many years as a child in the wilds of Africa living and speaking the Zulu culture. His early days were spent in the mountains with his fellow Zulu friends and his prized ‘katty’ (sling-shot), he then quickly upgraded to an air rifle and became a true marksman. The days hunt would be cooked over an open fire and celebrated with Zulu Praise songs, these songs Trevor still sings to his Grandchildren. Trevor went on to work for the local Natal Parks Board, now Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. He was actively involved with the first Rhino capture in Hluhluwe/Umfolozi Park. Trevor spent his days walking in the Bushveld guiding and monitoring the Reserves and learning about conservation. It was here that Trevor gained invaluable knowledge about our Wildlife and dealing with International guests. Colette Comins (Claytons’ Mom) raised 3 children in these Reserves, in between the wild animals being at her back door and them pulling her washing off the lines.  Trevor and Colette then took the leap away from the norm of offering Dangerous game and Plains game hunting, to open the first Bird Hunting operation in South Africa. Colette took her Professional Hunters (P.H.) licence, making her the first lady P.H. in South Africa. The Comins family lives by the motto – We Hunt to Fish…. And they still do, spending their working days hunting and their playing days fishing all over Africa. And this is where it all started.

Clayton and his siblings, Camilla and Jason, grew up in much the same way as their Dad Trevor did. Sling-shot in hand, fishing rod in the other, and disappearing into the mountains till well after sunset to hunt, fish, play and of course cause some trouble. Being a farm-boy, Clayton had no passion for the city life, fancy degrees or the need for any material possessions – he just wanted to hunt and fish. So after completing school he joined his Dad to help run their successful bird hunting operation Game Bird Safaris, and never left. Clayton married his high-school sweetheart and best friend Debbie in a traditional Zulu-style wedding on his parent’s farm. Debbie supports Clayton all the way and when she gets out of the office she also enjoys a bit of hunting. During this time Clayton also started and managed a Game Farm, gaining the best knowledge of both hunting worlds – Game Conservation and Bird Conservation. With this combined knowledge he took over from his Dad, now retired and fishing, and this gave birth to Clayton and Debbie’s business – Umdende Hunting Safaris (Umdende is the Zulu name for a unique Red Leaf Rock Fig Tree found in our area).

Clayton and Debbie’s business Umdende Hunting Safaris is an example of a business that has been created by family support, a long history of hunting, a passion and love for nature, and an excellent Team of staff. Their two children are Liam (his Zulu name is Siphandla which is a ‘Zulu wedding band’) and Camilla (her Zulu name is Mbali meaning ‘Flower’)… by the way Clayton’s Zulu name is Magangane meaning ‘the naughty one’. Liam and Camilla are the third generation of our hunting family, and by the looks of things….they are following directly behind Gampie (Trevor) and Dad (Clayton) with their passion for the outdoors, animals, conservation and hunting….  Stay tuned as the next chapter unfolds and we look forward to sharing these experiences with our clients and friends from around the world!

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